Conducting a Great Phone or Skype Interview

With today's technological advances, it's no surprise that companies are adapting their recruiting efforts to new techniques. With mediated communication methods like Skype, a company in Los Angeles can interview a candidate on the East Coast with minimal effort, broadening their pool of candidates.

In order to stand out in a Skype or phone interview, a job candidate really needs to be on point -- it's easy to be distracted when you aren't in front of an interviewer, and even easier to have what you're saying become misconstrued because you can't physically see or send non-verbal cues (like eye contact) with the person you're speaking with.

The Wall Street Journal Careers section outlines some great tips for nailing a phone interview in this article. While it doesn't mention Skype, the same tips still apply -- hide distractions, ask questions, be honest.

What do you find works for phone interviews?

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