Employers- 3 reasons to try a Career Fair

As the Orange County Career Fair approaches, I'd like to take a moment to point out three great reasons to register for a career fair.

1. It's cost effective.
As the host of the career fair, we do the advertising for you, so there's less need to host ads on multiple online outlets. It's our job to get job seekers out to career fairs, and so far, our advertising methods have been successful (our last career fair had over 1,500 attendees).

2. It saves time. At a career fair, you can see a lot of potential candidates at once- and face to face, for that matter, something that's often taken for granted in the digital age we live in. Job seekers will come through the career fair all day, and you'll have an opportunity to shake hands and give them a few minutes of your time, as opposed to a traditional interview, in which you would need to spend around 20-30 minutes with an interviewee after first browsing through resumes to handpick candidates. Furthermore, it's a good opportunity to see soft skills (for example, confidence level and verbal skills) that you can't see on a resume. It's possible for a recruiter to get an idea of a potential employee's personality in a few minutes, rather than sitting through an entire interview with someone who may not be right for the position.

3. It's a good public relations opportunity. A large amount of job seekers come out to career fairs, giving your company an opportunity to get its name out in the community and really shine in a public spectrum. You can meet potential employees while promoting your company as you relay information on what your company does to anyone who's interested. Plus, it puts a good face on your company, and allows potential employees to meet people who already work for the company and see the type of people they might be working with.

Overall, career fairs are great for both job seekers and employers. It's cost effective for all involved, it's a great opportunity to meet people face to face, and both parties can put their best face forward and get their name out there.

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